Two Hearts Inn

The first business on the property that lead to starting Two Hearts Inn is the tea room, Inspirations. Inspirations was started in February of 2005 by Larry and Tamara Rhoads, to fulfill their desire to have a place in Edmond and Oklahoma City that could encourage faith, family, and friends. Through every step of the business, they have been touched by the blessing that has been bestowed upon Inspirations, and are grateful for God’s providence each day.

When Larry and Tamara opened Inspirations, they were excited by all of the possibilities of the location. After seeing how thousands of people responded to Inspiration’s mission of “Faith, Family, & Friends” they underwent an extensive kitchen remodel and restaurant add-on to meet the demand. They then began to pursue adding a bed and breakfast to the site that could renew, relax, and rekindle couples and relationships and so after much construction and labor, Two Hearts Inn was born in 2007.